Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update On This Week Past

We have been wizzing around the country side this past week.(again) Monday we went to buy lucern in Lydenburg,had a lovely lunch at their local Spur Steakhouse and bought some much needed bridles and girths for the horses.We bought pvc bridles in all different colours,yellow,green,red,blue and even 2 pink ones! Last Saturday a lovely lady whom has just recently returned home after a three year stint in Nieu Zealand,came and bought Stonecroft Nitro for Endurance racing. After weeks of mulling it over Cules and I decided to sell two of our horses as we just didn't get to racing all off them as often as we would like this past year. Nitro happened to be a half brother of this lady's best endurance horse ever so she is on her way to fetch him as I am typing this. Stonecroft Cockade went to a gentleman who wanted a big,strong horse to compete in Endurance with and he got completely bowled over by Cockade,nickname Coca Cola...The lady goose is on her way together with some free range hens in the horsebox that is taking Nitro to his new home... It wasn't three hours after the sale of Nitro was settled that another gentleman came knocking on our door and offered us two stunning young stallions for free as he had sold his farm and couldn't get them sold. Both five years old and unbacked...go figure! Cadiz is a stunning blood bay but had his right ear completely bitten off by a mare...Looks has nothing to do with performance right??? Blade is a beautiful dapple grey stallion and is also a weight carrier,so he will be ridden by Cules. Oh yes,we have to back them first of all...! They are both scheduled to be castrated on Monday (poor guys) but better for them as future riding horses!
So two horses sold,two new ones in again. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, right? We will see how they turn out once they have been gelded and settled down in their new home.

I love the way he is put together,a neat little horse.

Loading lucern on the farm

The view from the barn where the lucern was loaded.

Cules had spare ribs and calamari for lunch in the Spur Steakhouse in Lydenburg

I had beef schnitzel and lots of onion rings..

The cozy inside of the restaurant,it was a chilly day with rain and thunder and the fires inside were all lit!



  1. Nice try Liesl, trying to reduce the number of horses only to have two new ones right away!
    The steak house looks nice and cosy on a winters day and the food looked to be hearty and warming.
    I wonder what next week will bring you?!

  2. Oh yum on the onion rings. I miss those. You can't buy them here.

    What pretty red earth you have in South Africa. Stunning landscapes! And I've missed your posts, Liesl!

  3. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you have been very busy. Sold two horses and given two horses...funny how that works out. How many horses do you have? Would love to see a picture of those colorful bridles.

  4. Cadiz and Blade both look very nice, pity about the ear but as you say looks and performance do not go together.
    Looking at those meals I could just do with a good old fashioned African plank steak, the steak is not brilliant here other than fillet and that is too expensive :-(( Diane

  5. looks like you have a revolving door of horses there. :) glad you were able to find folks interested in endurance to buy your 2. then you can work on these 2 boys for riding, training work, etc. :)

  6. It was just meant to be! The two new horses will have a lovely home at your place....lucky guys! That food looks delicious and I'm reading this at 8 in the a.m.!

  7. Wow, what a deal that was..selling two and getting two free?! Amazing, and they are beautiful. Always fun to eat out and the meals looks yummy! Pretty pictures all. :D

  8. Beautiful horses and it is funny to see how two left and two came right into your farm. Great looking steak place.

  9. Never look a gift horse in the mouth is right! Funny how that happened - two out and two in. They look great!

  10. Hi Liesl! I just love the energy and passion you have for your animals and farm. I am sure these new horses will work out just fine with you.

  11. Awesome view. And you've made me hungary with the great food pics :).


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