Friday, June 24, 2011

Under The Old Oak Tree

Bright and early one morning I found myself alone in the quint little town of Haenetsburg and had time on my hands to wander about taking pictures.....

I just love oak trees and unfortunately they don't grow down where we is just too hot.
The donkey cart was such a neat touch to the decor!

This shop had such an inviting atmosphere...I could sit here and enjoy people watching during the Kiwi festival and the annual Spring Fair...

This pretty painted wheelbarrow with flowers was drowning in a sea of oak leaves...


  1. i love oaks too. and for once we live in an area that has huge, beautiful, amazing ones... :)

  2. I keep forgetting that it's Winter there. That's a magnificent oak tree, but, you may not be so fond of one in your yard. Besides the leaves, you are always risking breaking your neck by stepping on acorns

  3. Oaks are so beautiful. Love that wheelbarrow. Very cute.

  4. What a beautiful autumn sky with the leaves on the ground Liesl!
    Love the red roof on the shop too.

  5. What a quaint place! That oak tree is huge....

  6. I am wondering what kind of store that was. Curious name. It is hard to imagine that season right now.

  7. Now that's just plain pretty! I love the big tree and the style of the shop. Great benches and tables!


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