Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update On Guinea Chicks

Two of the chicks have fallen prey to snakes, the remaining four should be strong and canny enough by now to survive.....
We were given a mature pair of guineas which we will use to produce eggs, then place the eggs under broody hens, so the guinea chicks will be tame and stay around the house.
Already the racket the babies make at bedtime (just as night falls)  is like food to my soul...

The poor hen is having her work cut out to keep up with them, they are busybodies and run hither and dither after insects all day long.....

A very curious bystander...


  1. They do make a racket, don't they. My German shepherd, Angel, met some at the rescue here and got absolutely terrified!

  2. oh, glad at least 4 are growing up! that chicken cracked me up!

  3. I miss having guineas..they were the best watchdogs ever!
    LOVE that last photo.

  4. Poor mom. She'll be glad when they're grown!

  5. Wonderful. I love the sound guinea fowl make.


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