Friday, May 20, 2011

More Twins!

The Mama goat looked at me as if to say "Well.., who is going to clean them, nurse?"

And I said :  "It's after hours...and overtime here doesn't pay so well these days you know.."

"Besides, I need a break from all that yellow gunk you know..."

"Nice try...very well" she said.....Cules is sure to hear about this as soon as he gets home!"

Her: "You don't want me to tell on you,do you?"

I'm thinking I have been alone on the farm during lambing season once to often...having these discussions with mama goats!

"Er, no,we certainly don't want him to hear things like this...,which one do you want me to clean first?"

Her "The boy"

Me: They're both boys!

Her: Men...can't do anything right!"

The End


  1. They are so cute. Sure Mum will soon sort them out. Diane

  2. Oh those adorable baby ears! :)

  3. Such innocent and beautiful babes! Mom too.

  4. Very sweet! What long ears they have.

  5. Precious! I love how, with Nubians,
    you can usually tell they are boys by the shape of their faces, you don't even have to look. They sure look healthy!

  6. Adorable babies. After all that hard work, you'd think a girl could get some help cleaning them off.

  7. oh dear. just as cute as can be, but more chores for you!

  8. There is nothing like a momma's love.

  9. I don't know how YOU keep up. I'm having trouble keeping up! But they are beautiful little things!

  10. :) sweet.
    How DO you keep up with it all?

  11. I've missed South Africa, too, Liesl! Great story, as usual. You make me smile. xo

  12. Fabulous photos Liesl! I know this must be 'old hat' for you by now, but it is amazing for this 'city-slicker' to watch! Thanks.


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