Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally,Ducklings On The Yard!

Remember when I got my ducks last year and my waiting in vain for the babies to come...

Well, finally they managed to get their acts together and reproduce..!

Yesterday late afternoon there were four....

...and six this morning!
There is another Mama sitting on a stack of eggs which should also hatch soon..
Now to try and keep them out of harm's (snakes and rock monitors' ) way!!!
We have put them in a coop until they are a little stronger..
They are sooo cute!


  1. adorable little yellow puffs! SO cute! congrats!!!

  2. So fuzzy! I saw six baby ducklings in the creek by where I work. man they really swim FAST. They just zoom everywhere they can. Cute!

  3. Ohhh, they are so so cute! What a beautiful mom and babies, wish I had some...have fun with them! :D

  4. They are so sweet love their little beaks.

  5. Oh what a SWEET SIGHT!
    I love this...made my day!
    My son just found a duck nest 200m from our house...can't wait to see them too:))

  6. They are adorable Liesl. Everything seems to be fertile around your area lately. I'd be careful if I was you!

  7. Ha ha Craig! I am not scared by all this fertile stuff going on! I am a "sports model" myself so I have NO FEAR!

  8. Congratulations on a successful hatch. Mama duck is a beauty too.

  9. You can say that again they are cute! Now watch out for those snakes little duckies!

  10. Hi Liesl, They are just adorable little yellow fluff balls. Enjoy them!



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