Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dullstroom And Belfast Revisited

Hi everyone,it's been a hectic couple of days here since Wednesday! First we went to an auction in the quint little town of Belfast,which is only about ten minutes or so from one of our all time favourite hangouts,Dullstroom,a fly-fishing and sheep farming mecca. We sold some goats and Cules then bought some sheep and pigs (he tried very hard to keep his hands in his pockets and out of sight from the auctioneer, but failed miserably,I'm afraid.....) He also managed to lock our car keys in the truck when  we went to fetch Minki's eye ointment...On Friday we went with three trucks to the Baobab land of Messina to buy a hundred white dorper sheep! I ended up towing the majority of sheep because I refused to have to drive any other truck than my beloved Mitshubishi double cab down the mountains!!  I KNEW her brakes won't fail me...,I had a good chat with her before I left home...I was safely tucked in between Cules and another driver all the way home...

We stopped over at Harry's Pancakes in Dullstroom for lunch..

"Bottoms up to you too!"
Muscovy ducks waddling around at the auction

Lots of these around too...

Keep your hands outta sight,Cules!!

Uhmmm,what can a girl say, other than ,"nice view..."

The well known saddle maker, Leon Liversage's son, Kalon, helping Cules fish our keyes out the truck!

No locksmiths in Belfast!!

Stopover at Cules' favourite fly fishing shop in Dullstroom to buy a new point for his fly fishing rod..

The Piazza in Dullstroom

This lady makes the most beautiful flies....

Made to order...

Too beautiful, how to choose..???


  1. Thank you for the day out. It is always great to see other countries...although you do sound as if you are in Ireland. LOL

  2. What an exciting life you lead Liesl. The pancake house sounds good and I love the flies - spectacular! Good old Cules locking the keys in the truck! I'm sure you will remind him off it for years to come!

  3. Aha Dullstroom that brings back some memories, often used to drive through there or stay over.
    I can understand how you think of your brakes in a vehicle that you know. Many years ago between Beit Bridge and Messina my brakes failed on my father's merc. I came down from the top of the escarpment on my hand brake and gears. It was no fun at all. I made it all but managing to stop at the first set of traffic lights in Messina bit thankfully there was nobody around!! My father made me use his car because he said it was more reliable than mine - what a laugh!! Diane

  4. how is it that you sell a few animals and come home with a hundred or so more?! :) glad to see minki out and about so she must be doing okay. :)

  5. What a day! Looks so fun! But I am thinking - 100 sheep?? That is a lot of work. And how can you possibly keep sheep safe in Africa?

  6. Sounds like a great adventurous day!

  7. What an interesting ability/ make flies.
    Never dull moment around your place!

  8. Wish I could have come along on this trip. Auction, pancakes, ducks, and a little adventure. Sounds fun!

  9. Wow. Those are some great looking flys. Glad to see Minki out and about.

  10. Another great travelog post! It's time for bed here after a long day, but I just got to travel to SA before I sleep. ;) Nite!

  11. Hi Liesl .. looks like a wonderful place you live .. I left SA 19 years ago .. but one of my last trips was out to the Kruger and back via Dullstroom .. I wonder - have you seen Babaco fruit out there? We bought some on our way back to Jhb .. and I described it in a blog post as champagne fruit ..

    Hope Minki is ok .. spitting cobra - not fun!

    Good to meet you .. and see you around your farm ... cheers Hilary


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