Friday, January 28, 2011

Dung Beetle Art

Yesterday we fixed the cement floor of the crush where we dip and wash the horses. Imagine my surprise when I walked by a little later and saw this weird little cement ball slap bang in the middle of the new floor in making!

The latest fad among dung beatles is to cover their dung balls with cement to hide it from competitor's eyes...

Hollywood Walk Of Fame A La Dung Beetle...

Some more serious art....

The artist.....


  1. Nature shows us many amazing things and this is definitely one of them. Time to remix some cement.. again or just leave and call it barn art!


  2. Wow! Surprised he made it out of there! But I guess if you're used to crawling thru dung for a living... :)

  3. I know nothing about dung beetles, and my first thought was to wonder what they do with the ball. Guess I better head off to do some research.

  4. I know these are some hardworking bugs!

  5. That is so very cool! Glad you shared.



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