Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charlie the Rooster

Nobody wants to be my friend.....all the hens run away and hide when they see me coming today...

What....? You will be my friend.., really?

OK, then I'll just sit here on your lap for a while.....Pass us a sip of that brandy and coke

Can I come sit on your lap too...?


  1. Great rooster pictures! Please stop by my blog today and read my latest interview. I'd like to interview you for my series. Please consider it! Would ya, would ya, huh? Pleeeeeeez?

  2. Hi Patrice.Since you are asking so nicely.... Your'e on! Yay,my first interview!

  3. Awwww, poor Charlie! I'm glad he got some lovin'. Tell him that if he's a little kinder to those hens, they might be nicer to him.

    That little goatie in the last picture is adorable.

  4. Cules seems to be quite the animal attractor. Right at home with 'em no matter what kind or where. :) Love it!

    P.S. You're gonna be GREAT for Patrice's Barn Chicks who Blog!

  5. Such a handsome rooster. I don't know why the girls wouldn't like you.


  6. See what Charlie started! Now you'll have a line-up!
    Cute post, Liesl.


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