Sunday, January 23, 2011

Naked Redneck??

Be Warned!....The following pictures might put you off chicken meat for life.....!

The other day I accompanied Cules to a farm where he was called out to shoe a horse and saw these amazing,funny chickens. They are indigenous to Africa and some have feathers that grow towards the front and some have no feathers at all!! Zoom in on the one in the background on this picture, he was quite wild and running hither and dither with me in hot pursuit giggling so much I was almost helpless,but I couldn't get a decent picture.....he was hilarious!
His skin was blood red and he had very little feathering.....Almost like he was blushing...

How to describe this one......? He was tame and chatty. They are not sick or diseased,Cules shoes horses there all the time and knows the chickens. I couldn't see myself picking this one up and cuddling it!

Who's naked??


  1. Wierd looking chicken. I think I'll stick to the fully feathered type ;).

  2. You had me at your title and I just had to check out this post!! I have seen chickens like this before. No attractive at all!

  3. Oh yikes! Pre-plucked and ready for the boiler! Eek!

  4. Oh my gosh. They'd never survive around here.

  5. Now that WAS weird! Funniest looking chickens I've ever seen! Guess you wouldn't really need feathers to keep warm in most parts of Africa, I guess.....


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