Friday, September 24, 2010

Puppy Pictures of Minki

I found some puppy pictures of Minki last night,they're so cute when they are small..,why can't they stay small? Thinking about it again,have you ever house trained a puppy? I remember Googling the subject like crazy.....what did people do before the Internet? OK, so after waking up four times every night it became three,then twice and after (quite) a bit, it became once, and finally YAJ!! ...she slept straight through the night! Remember to take away food bowl and water bowl early in the's a handy tip,it works! Why am I remembering the puppy house training days so early in the morning.. I really have no idea! It was a year ago I did all that already! She is all grown up now,she demanded almost as much attention as my daughters did growing up..well,almost! Enjoy your puppies....

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