Thursday, September 9, 2010


Midday nap
Let me introduce you to my Jack Russel terrier Minki.She's not a dog,don't try and convince her otherwise,believe me,she knows she's not a dog.....We do have other dogs,a huge gangly young Greyhound, and three other Jack Russels and a smooth terrier.They Know they are dogs....Minki sleeps on the bed,takes over the house,plays tug of war whether you want to or not and gets very upset when the pickup truck leaves home without her, she never sulks though...she loves attention too much to sulk..At suppertime Minki never begs,she just makes sure no-one leaves food on their plates, she knows that if she stares hard enough hands do automatically raise and puts food in her mouth,that's not begging is it..?

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