Monday, September 27, 2010

My B-day Cake and Presents!

Yesterday was my Birthday! I turned a whole old 41 years old yesterday. Hubby and my best friend ordered a very special cake to be made specially just for me! It had a (edible) picture of me and my horse at a endurance race where I was giving a photographer a royal little wave of the hand ( we are going really well here, be sure to take my picture.....),type of wave...and the next minute my horse exploded into a series of bucks like you haven't seen before and royal little Liesl was hanging on around said horses ears for all she's worth!

My Sis in-law gave me this........

Are you trying to tell me something Sis...? She didn't think I was being funny....
I LUV them Sis! Truly I do! They are stunning little baby cactus's. A much better gift than flowers that are going to die on me in a vase. What did hubby get me? If you don't particularly like jewelry and you don't really think perfume is a cool gift what does your husband give you for your b-day....? A spanking new racy blue,vacuum cleaner...that's what!!  I loved it!
Thanx guys I had a great B-Day!

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