Monday, September 20, 2010

New Arrivals And African Sunset by The Lake

Blue Bayou

Yogi Bear
If only I was a little bit older...


                                Sunset by the Lake


I can catch a hippo Ma!



Radja and Sun Jewel

 We had a busy weekend with 5 new arrivals (4 of which now belong to us). One mare owned by a local Surgeon came for backing and training and hubby bought a few part bred Arab foals and one registered Boerperd mare. They are all so beautifull! Also had an evening by the Lake,it was awesome although the Hippo's were very talkative and came quite close at one point. Had a near disaster as Minki thought to chase them away from the campsite,but luckily must have registered the complete panick in my voice as I called her back for she turned around and casually swam back immediately! Wow....

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