Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be Afraid....

Yesterday morning after washing the dishes and a quick cleaning of the kitchen I stepped outside to check up on  all the animals..Much to my surprise I saw our truck and horsebox arriving through a secondary entrance to our farm.., kind of scaly like...Cules, who I saw literally just minutes before being busy on the yard, got out and he had this"Boy have I got a surprise for you..." kind of smirk on his face...

                                                             To me that look translates to:

                                                         "Be very,very much afraid!"

Like this....

I was stunned...perhaps he had arranged for someone to go and fetch that Welsh Sec C stallion in the Johannesburg area I have been eyeing these last few weeks...

Could it be???

My excitement building..... I ran on over..

I had my camera on me as I was going to take pics of another chicken hen with two guinea chicks..but alas I clean forgot all about that!

He told me to stand back a bit when peeking inside the horse trailer....

"No man! I don't want no stallion who would like to take my head off!!"

"What stallion are you talking about?" he asked me with that stupid grin on his face..?

"Ha! I was quick on that one,wasn't I?"

Then I heard a no horse can ever grunt....

Then I peeked in to see this....

A trailer load full of very upset pure bred European wild boar!!!

Oh Lordy!!!

Remember our neighbours right across the road from us with the ostriches...

Well,their youngest son phoned Cules and told him he needs to sell his wild boars because he needs to buy himself a laptop!

Cules was more than happy to oblige...

These things are huge!

I think there is about 11 of them....

So much for my stallion! (for now)

The End


  1. HA! I think I'd rather had the stallion :). What are you guys going to do with these?

  2. Hi Joe,Cules will breed them and sell them on,for some reason these pigs are very sought after in South Africa...He had already swopped the male for another one to get new blood in...

  3. What in the world will you do with them? Like kittens the babies are cute but then they grow up...oh boy.

  4. What is their temperament? Aren't wild boar mean? Can you go in the pen with them?

  5. the little ones are cute, but i'd hate to have the big ones around! we have serious feral hog problems in a lot of states here. yikes!

  6. @ Margaret,these ones are very tame and you can go in with them and pat them,yes...but I am sure they can be real ugly and mean when wild..,just like our indigenous bushpig!

  7. Wow, that is so NOT a stallion, LOL!

    Could you explain something though? I am so confused over that baby boar suckling under a Mama boar. What is that stick thing sticking out of its *erm* behind? It is the behind, isn't it? Or is it the side? Sorry, curiosity just gets the best of me.

  8. @ Furry Bottoms,I clicked on the pic to zoom in on it and is it's tail sticking out straight behind it!

  9. We are over run with wildboar in our area and the hunters are out regularly. They are a huge problem digging up the crops and causing massive amounts of damage. Have fun with them, sorry about the stallion:(( Diane

  10. Sorry you didn't get your stallion but those little boars are very cute -- in a boarish sort of way.

  11. Oh my goodness! What a surprise!

  12. Sure! Why not 11 wild boars! Your place is really kicking into high gear, Liesl.


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