Monday, November 28, 2011

Cutting Cow

Dolly has trained herself to cut sheep...she kick starts them,she can run a Figure of Eight.....BOTH ways,she changes legs....she even bawls at the sheep!

Dolly making her grand entrance....

Look and learn Quarter horses....

She lopes along letting them sheep know what is about to happen...

Just getting her bearings and warming up....

Ok,you see THAT look?

Now she is warmed up and ready to go......

Kick-starting the show....

Look closely to see what she is doing,my little camera wasn't fast enough to take a clear shot...

Look at her legs....

......and she's even bawling at the sheep here....

After kick starting the sheep into action,
.... she gives herself a jump start....

Perfect flying change in front and behind!

Look at that bend to the inside..!

You go Dolly!

Collecting herself for changing over to the right...

Ohh,she changed her mind and did a downward transition to the trot...

Oh Dolly you forgot to half-halt!

I keep telling you ...inside hand to outside leg you dimwit!

Ok,here we come again for another try to the right...

This is looking so good...!

Dolly, Dolly,where are you going?

A little bit of constructive criticism never hurt anyone, you know!

I promise I will shut up!


I realize you never booked a lesson,but you did some pretty darned nice moves there, come back!!


Never a dull moment on this farm...

The End.


  1. Maybe rather than herding sheep, Dolly is ready to go under the saddle and into the ring to perform some dressage. Great photos. Diane

  2. this made me laugh! such a talented cutting cow! :)

  3. That was a very entertaining post! A cow who cuts cows and does dressage -- who woulda thunk!

  4. This was so fun! My smile just got bigger and bigger. Great shots. Great cow!

  5. lol This cow must be related to mine.....

  6. Your cow shows a lot of potential for the upper levels.

  7. A cutting cow! Ha. This should have been on video and up on YouTube. How funny.

  8. What an amazing little cow...and so cute.

  9. Ha Ha Ha its nice to watch. we have a calf doing same when i was young. if you want to see such a scene again then travel India.Want to travel Forts, Palaces, Desert, Camel Safari, Adventure and wild life; Travel India with Golden triangle india or Golden triangle tour india.

  10. Very funny and the second time I saw a cow jump off the ground with all four feet in the air -- the first time was when Angel, my dog, marched up to one and kissed her smack on the nose. I loved this post -- it was really very well done, the writing to go with the photos. Great!

  11. WHo needs a 'herding' dog when you have Dolly! That was a hoot, Liesl!
    I almost didn't click on your post after I saw your title. I still have that image of, you

  12. Hilarious! This post reminds me of Run Around Ranch Report. You gals!!

  13. I love these pictures!! So funny! A very bright spot in my day! Take care of your special Dolly!

  14. What a very talented cow;) Thanks for the entertainment:))


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