Monday, November 14, 2011

Rabbit For Dinner Anyone?

One evening a couple of weekends ago, I was sitting in my favourite armchair which belonged to my beloved's Great Grandfather and my Beloved was sitting right next to me in his favourite armchair which belonged to his Great Grandfather. Both chairs look exactly the same but there is a difference..he prefers his chair and I mine..

.I was reading through Jamie Oliver's book called "jamie's italy" and low and behold there was this chapter called "My thoughts on rabbit" ..WHAT??  I read the recipe for the marinade out loud to him and said that I actually have all the ingredients for this growing in the garden..except for pancetta,we never have that in the house,I have seen it at our local Woolies,but it is rather anyway wrapping rabbit pieces in bacon should be more or less the same thing...?Jamie also said that wild rabbit tastes WAY better than tame rabbit.... I have NEVER eaten rabbit you know.

 So, my beloved perked up a bit out of his slumber and asked me if I would like to have a rabbit for barbecue the next day, seeing as it has to be marinated overnight...I looked at him and the warning bells started ringing in my head,sure, I said, but," Lovey I don't want you packing up the hounds and going out hunting tonight..,we were having such a nice time sitting around just quietly chatting and watching telly... " "No dogs necessary" he said, jumping out his favourite Great Grandfather's chair and calling out to Jessica (who was home for the weekend from varsity)  "you feel like going rabbit hunting?" he says to her a flash she was there with the .22 rifle and out the house the two of them with Minki in tow marches.

There I was sitting,still trying to wrap my mind around whether I really wanted to eat rabbit meat....

Not three minutes go by before a shot rings out...and back into the house they march with a wild rabbit shot in the garden!!

I should have named her Dianna,quite the huntress she is!

It was so hilarious,

'cause I went scrambling out into the garden for the thyme,rosemary and lemon and ..voila!

In a matter of minutes the meat was hunted, slaughtered and marinading for barbecue the next day!

Excuse the tobacco that crept into the picture,but here is the rabbit meat as we were devouring it the next day.

It was really very tasty and looked and tasted a lot like chicken!

For those of you who would like the marinade recipe,here goes;

A handful of fresh thyme and rosemary,leaves picked
4 garlic gloves
8 teaspoons of olive oil
zest and juice of one lemon
1 teaspoon honey

Bash it all together in a pestle and mortar or a liquidizer


Thanks Jamie!

The End


  1. I have had rabbit, but yours looks a bit beefier than mine! lol Looking good and a great recipe!

  2. HI Liesl I just want to say Becarefull for what you ask for.
    I can just imagine you sitting there wondering if you want rabbit or not.
    I have had rabbit a few times usually in a stew(Jugged Rabbit)

  3. Hahahaha...he was quick on the take wasn't he?:)) Looks like you thoughts turn into action there:) And it looks good....but I don't know if I would be as brave;)

  4. We eat rabbit quite often. Our neighbour drops us off a local wild ones quite often when he goes shooting. We also have friends that breed them and I have to admit I also like the wild ones! Will try your marinade when we get the next bunny. Diane

  5. not a fan of wild game so i'll just take your word for it that you got it to taste like chicken! :)

  6. The marinade sounds great..I love rabbit!

  7. Hi Liesl, I've never tried rabbit - but your marinade sounds lovely.

  8. Our yard if full of rabbits this year, they are so cute and fun to watch. So could I eat one? I'm working on switching to free-ranging meat as much as I can and having plenty of food just running around in our yard may be another solution. You have raised an interesting question.

  9. I was raised on rabbit and deer meat, but now I don't go looking for it, kind of got sick of it I guess. :D

  10. LOL how wonderful! Imagine that. First comes the reading of the recipe...then the idea...then the guns and the next thing you know your dinner is marinading in the fridge! I love rabbit and I agree it's like chicken only more like the dark meat to me. Thanks for sharing the marinade..we have rabbits running around our farm trying to avoid our Shep ;)


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