Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chaos And Confusion

Ever had three days running where you just didn't seem able to get things to calm down a bit..?
Tuesday one of our young ewes that we bought a week ago had a difficult birthing with a lamb that was just too big..,even the vet said he hasn't seen such a huge lamb in a long time...

The lamb didn't make it,but the ewe is just fine today.

A bit graphic, but with animals it isn't always moonshine and roses....

This morning we had a bloated ewe and another lamb with a bad case of diarree..

The vet put the pipe down her throat and thrust the end under Cules' nose..I thought he was going to faint ,the smell was so bad!

I love it when the vet pulls a fast one on Cules and catches him unawares!

Before she was drenched the vet unbloated her with a looked darned sore but she didn't even flinch when he inserted the needle...

There was vile looking and smelling stuff splattering out the needle!

The little lamb was injected and treated after the vet took a sample of dung and checked it under the micro scope..

Back home this is what my lawn looks like..

We are having to put in a whole new sewerage system as the house had a septic tank right by the back door and finally I said "NO MORE!!" 

Whatever did the previous owners think when they built it there???

We now have to redo all the plumbing for three new toilets...the bathrooms are badly in need of revamping..

I now understand why they call it a "manhole" only enough room in there for one person to dig and it has to be as deep as a person stretching a spade above his head....

We are having one of those plastic ones installed...apparently guaranteed not to smell...

We are having a plumbing company do this for would be one bad mess if we had to try this ourselves...

Then these people arrived to come and put up some security lights and an outside alarm system,they also fixed some of the lights inside the house.

At one stage it all got a little too much and I ran outside to have a conversation with my ducks under my favourite  tree..

Of the fifteen baby ducks only one died and all the rest are going strong and are almost as big as Mom and Dad! 

The sheep ewes provided me with some comic relief as I watched the big camp clean out after the rains we have them a big plastic bag means food...

...there were a lot of big plastic bags coming and going throughout the morning,they ran hither and dither after the bags..

.....They had a real good workout...!!

This is what had to be moved out!

This is what they do before the plastic bags arrive...

This is what they do when the bags are seen!

A lot of baaing and jostling...

and for nothing.....

Lunch time is a bit later girls!!


  1. You sure have had a lot going on. Loved seeing the photos of your place.

  2. What a wild week you've had! I'm so sad about the little lamb that didn't make it, but am very glad to know the mam is doing okay.

    I'm with you-- why would anyone want to smell that beside the back door all the time! Good going on the new sewage system!

    I love hearing about your life in Africa!

  3. Having been raised on a farm, I know what all this is will never end but there are peaceful times too. Hope the bathroom thing gets fixed and just the way you want it. :D

  4. Life and death... you see it all on a farm. That poor mama lamb.

    Goats are truly funny creatures. I had one growing up and she LOVED the strawberry patch. It only lasted two years, though, as she ruined it. I think my dad was ready to have goat stew that year... :)

    Hope the baby colt is doing well.

  5. oh, i totally understand the frustration of having workmen in and around the house - making messes, just BEING there. it's exhausting!!! i hope your new septic will make living better!

  6. Hi Liesl .. busy week .. I talked toilets one post back! But septic tanks are much more interesting .. and man-hole = good name .. I hope it all goes well .. Cheers Hilary

  7. Your poor sheep seem to be going through a rough time. Real life on a farm must be tough.

  8. Most people don't know how hard a working farm really is to manage. Such a lot going on all of the time! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your farm.

  9. This post sure sounds of spring. Life and death and projects. I am always amazed at the number of animals you have. Also, that someone would have put a septic system so close to the house. I am wondering where your well is.

  10. Bet you're ready for a break!

  11. Oh MY! You've had a wild week!!!
    Want to come over for a caramel apple. Or two?:)

  12. Now THAT is a working farm! So much going on at once! From my vantage point it's like watching a documentary on life at a farm in South Africa. Loved that exotic looking palm tree(?) in the middle of the yard.

  13. What a day!! That poor lamb.... if I were Cules I'd be fainting all the time - poor guy. I'm such a medical whimp. Do you sell your wool to be made into yarn?

  14. One thing I've learned in never stops on a farm.

  15. I feel so bad about the lamb. You lead such an interesting life.I know that work never stops for a farmer. Hope you have a good rest of the week.

  16. Oh goodness it never rains but it pours as they say! That's a shame any of this happened but to have it happen all at once must have been overwhelming to say the least. I hope things have calmed down and are getting back to normal for you finally.
    Maura :)


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