Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Boy And His Toys...

The day before yesterday Cules bought himself a new inverter welder thingey....

Ever since that epic event..he has been rather pre-occupied....

He has been building (welding) new stock sales camps...

He is putting up (welding)  a new fence and gates around the house....

Minki is like me..,

...she opted for the supervising job...

Yes, I clipped her, it isn't someones poodle standing there!

Sunset over the neat new sales camps..

Yesterday he went and bought himself another toy...

A little machine that chops the grass and lucern for the sheep finely.....

It can also grind maize...

It is rather handy.

My hubby seems to like red toys...

Look, his socks (Jess') matches his new toy!!!!

Now for the red,racy, snazzy sports car....(In my dreams)

The End


  1. Sounds like he has been very busy. I really like the picture of the sunset over your sales camp.
    I'd love a shiny new red sports car too. But I'm afraid it would be in my dreams also ha ha.

  2. A guy can never have enough toys ;)!!!

  3. well, if he puts 'em to good use like Cules does, a man can keep buying toys! :)

    thanks for explaining you clipped minki - i was thinking mange? fleas? :)

  4. LOL Very cute, he seems like a man that has to be busy..and that is good! ;D

  5. Yep, some of us guys just continue our 'childhood' into our adulthood! But with BIGGER toys!
    Good contraptions to have around your place though, Liesl.

  6. He has great taste in toys. What I would give for a man who could weld. I like Minki's freckles.

  7. It's good to have the right toy for the job!

  8. I've been getting your RSS feed for a few weeks now, and don't think I've commented yet (reading you from Wisconsin USA). I love your posts, they are great. This one of your hubby and his gadgets is a great one. What neat things he's doing. I love that his socks match the gadgets!! Too funny.


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