Saturday, July 9, 2011

Halloo The Hounds

Cules has the hounds loose on the yard today for some bonding....I am keeping a beady eye on our kebabs on the barbeque..I have learned that when the hounds are loose on the yard while we are having a barbeque,you have to keep a beady eye on the meat and the hounds....

Meet the pack


Gascon Saintongeois 


Blue Tick Bitch

New kid on the block,showing she can work it...


American Plott X Gascon Saintongeois Bitch

This is a terrier who thinks she is a human...

We love this terrier who thinks she is human...


Gascon Saintongeois Male

(in the background)

In the foreground

Retired Terrier Riempies...

He is retired because he is very,very old

and because...

He now confuses a pointed camera with a pointed gun....

Flower doesn't think much of all the fancy hounds...

Riempies gets very cross when the camera doesn't go "BANG..."

Which is why he is now retired...

The End


  1. oh, love all of those beautiful hounds! glad they get along well with the terriers - or well enough to share a yard now and again!

  2. What a bunch of beauties. Do they make a joyful noise when they're on the hunt?

  3. That is a lot of dogs... and an immaculately clean barn! Wow! I've never seen one so clean around here.

  4. What an awesome group of hounds! Gorgeous dogs and I am a bit partial to those Jacks....

  5. Liesel having worked for vets for years I thought I knew my breeds quite well but these hounds have me mystified. Please tell me what breed they are. They look like a typical hound that I know, but the long ears have got me!!
    They look in excellent condition though. Diane

  6. I didn't know you had hounds! How fun! I have had black and tan's in the past and I absolutely love hounds! You have some I have never heard of. Do you breed also? Can't leave out how much those terriers steal my heart also.

  7. Dianne- The black and white ones are a French breed called Gascon Saintongeois.We have a friend who imports them from France. We are visiting France in August to go and pick up a pregnant bitch for him since he can't make it then! Is Paris and Lyon far from you?
    Michaela- Cules has just now gotten together some of these hounds,a friend imports them from France and one cannot buy them in RSA!

  8. What good looking hounds! I can just hear them now!

  9. Hehe....had to laugh at your comment on watching the meat on the BBQ while the hounds are around!
    We used to have one. And NOTHING was safe when she was out and about. Nothing:)
    Yours look sweet:))

  10. That's a nice looking pack!


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