Monday, February 7, 2011

Of Sheep,Syringes and Needles

We went to dose the sheep of a paraplegic friend of ours today. There were lots of friendly animal faces about and I took lots of pictures while Cules did all the work!

These eleven piglets all belonged to the same mommy! 

You come near me with that needle and  I'll ram you!

This prize ram wasn't very impressed with the whole idea..

I really don't need a jab,I'm feeling just fine...really!
I wanted to take this one home with me...

Oh no! What's that in his left hand!

Jeez,that looks just nasty!

Horror! Ouch!

We really all need to turn around the other way! 

Oh, make it quick will you...
I hate waiting in line for my jab!

The indignity off it all!

My behind hurts....


  1. Those piglets are adorable. What do you have to vaccinate sheep for over there?

  2. Awww. Poor babies! I hope they stay well! Those piggies are precious! Of course they'll get BIG. :)

  3. Necessary I know, but ick! What a cuties they all are!

  4. I'm sure it's better than being sick. That's quite the efficient setup you had.


  5. Always a lot to do for you two. Is your husband a vet? Great pics Liesl as usual.

  6. LOL Poor little ones, looks like they had a bad day! I know it would be bad for me! ;D

  7. Love the expressions on the sheeps faces and the dialog :).


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