Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing With Dung

We went for a walk on the farm with some of the dogs yesterday evening,we have had a little bit of rain and everything is starting to go green. There were lots of dung beetles about which I am very happy to have noticed,considering all the chemical spraying from aeroplanes in our area over the citrus orchards.

To me this looked like way too much hard work!


  1. Wow....Looks like one big "toy" for a fairly tiny bug!
    (More like an elephant should be rolling it instead:)))))

    (Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts....for some reason it doesn't always show your updates on my blogroll...and I don't realize you are posting new posts!!)

    Hugs to you for another new day!!!

  2. They definitely perform a worthwhile service. So are you heading into your warm season now? I know you said the rains would be starting soon. Does that make this your summery season?

  3. Yip, we are into summer while you are getting ready for a white Christmas!
    Hi Dawn,I haven't been blogging much the past 2 weeks,been busy looking for horses etc.

  4. Glad for the wetting bit for you...and amazing those beetles!

  5. Thats amazing isn't it?! I wonder how long it will take him...such interesting creatures in this world! :D

  6. Those beetles really are industrious little creatures.

  7. Amazing how much they can carry! Great shot.


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