Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goat Buying Roadtrip

Last Friday, Cules and I went on another road trip to buy goats,it was about a one hour drive from us and cold and rainy! Would never have guessed it is the middle of summer here...It is also because of this weather that I do not always have Internet access lately...or when I do it is incredibly slow!!! But here goes,today is good again!

So, with the weather being like it was,we decided we both had a craving for the Greek's comfort food! If you are fastidious about what you eat for breakfast...please DO NOT scroll down.....

Chips or fries as the Americans call it,doused in vinegar....

A fresh bread straight out of the oven.....Breakfast  on the go, fit for a King on a rainy day!

We munched through that while viewing this....

And then Cules had to decide what to buy and what not......sometimes it is a blessing not having so much money that you can buy everything you lay your eyes on...

Or these guys and girls would definitely have come home with us also...

Imagine accidentally walking into this in the middle of the night....

See the little brown one second from left,the farmer gave her to me! For free!! How lucky can a girl get..?


  1. OMG! Those are the cutest goats I have ever seen! How to choose? Lucky you....what will you name it? I've had 'a few' of those 'on the go' breakfasts!!
    I like these excursions you take....a chance to see Africa!

  2. I LOVED your breakfast!!! Fresh loaves of bread (baked in the ovens at our not-so-local Walmart) have sometimes ridden in the front of the car with me and not made it home!

    And goats?! How cute!!! Love that little brown one's butt! Can't wait to see more of them after they've settled in at home! Wow! Ducks. Goats. Horses. Dogs. Weren't there chickens too?! :)

  3. I am with texwisgirl:) I LOVED your breakfast!!
    And this looked like one spectacular mini-road trip. I so enjoy days like these...(although when I take them it isn't to go buy exotic animals;)
    Looks like you have quite an interesting life...I have horses, cows, and dogs~
    You have big birds!!!
    Love it when you share your days thanks! It is so interesting to see what you are doing on the other side of the world.
    Now....I only wish I could round something like that up for breakfast;)

  4. Oh my, what is it about little goats? They are just so incredibly cute. I'm glad that you came home with the little brown one. She looks so adorable, butt view because the head is down so deep in the feed. Is she the only one you came home with?

  5. Hi Everyone, Jim that is all I wish to accomplish with this blog..,knowing how inquesitive I am about overseas lifestyles (other than what you read in glossy magazines) and everyday life elsewhere,Texwisgirl; Yes we do have the chickens also,they are breeding like uhmm..crazy, will take pics and post about them. Dawn;I did not take the Emus home..they scare the living daylights out of me! To be honest...give me a man eating horse any day,i know them but I don't know an Emu,those things look like they have a strapping kick in them...Louise" we bought 18 goats that day, my husband is buying more as we speak,he wants to do the commercial thing with them...you know some of them will go to slaughter....don't worry my little one will breed when she is old enough,Cules had already earmarked 10 female goats for me!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day to me.. food, goats and all! :D

  7. I agree with everyone above...the little goats are adorable, the bread looks fantastic and your clouds are better than my clouds! Great pictures, Liesl.

  8. This sounds like my kind of day. I like the fries, the bread, and the goats. I even like the rain!!


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