Monday, November 1, 2010

Month of Expectations and Anticipation

When the year gets to November I always get a sense of great expectation and anticipation,because Christmas and New year is creeping up on us! I love the holidays,not only do friends and family make a conscientious effort to get to visit each other but the rainy season and storms are also going at full tilt! I love evenings spent outside on the porch around the fire talking nonsense till late into the night,or more often than not into the early morning hours...We have never been big on the Christmas decorating thing but for some reason,this year I want to do the whole Christmas thing! My youngest daughter is finishing school now and I cannot turn back time!!! I will no more be driving to school,attending sports games etc. Next year everything is going to be new again,one daughter far away at varsity and the other may be going overseas to work on the mega yachts! So this year has to have a Great Big Bang to the end of it!!...for me anyway...I am getting ready for booming thunderstorms at night,electricity failures etc..I remember as a kid we would all sit in the hallway,close all the bedroom doors and tell ghost stories amid all the noisy thunder clapping about,it was SO fun! My Dad had us jittery for months afterwards!! Soon when the first really big rains hit and the streams are all running again,Cules,the girls and I will be digging catfish out the mud just for the fun of it as they emerge from the earth after hibernating through the dry season! I hope I can get pics of that! I am so ready.....Here are some pics of what I am looking forward to!


  1. Oh wow! That 2nd photo is amazing! Powerful water flows! I can feel your anticipation from here, although I would certainly hope to do without all the lightning! :)

  2. Great eye you have Liesl! To each his own I guess....all that rain!!!!
    Yes, go for it this Christmas! Sounds timely.

  3. I do hope you have a great, big Christmas this year. I does sound so appropriate. Your pics are looking great.

  4. Wow! That is an incredible amount of water! I could almost hear the sound it made!


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