Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hallo Again!

Hi All, I hope you have all been taking very good care of yourselves! My first pure bred Welsh Section B foal has arrived. His name is Stonecroft Heartsease. These ponies are giving me so much fun!

I have also acquired an ex Open Level Event horse who I started Showjumping in the lower grades....Her name is Anabar Reef and I never imagined myself getting into the jumping scene again! The last time I sat on a show jumper must have been 14 years ago!  On Thursday I took her to the Equestrian Centre where I work afternoons to have her teeth done by an Equine Dentist. She will be stabled here from next week or so as I will be having riding lessons myself from a past winner of the South African Showjumping Derby,who is also my next door neighbour,Shirley Scriven(nee Kemp) I am very excited about getting myself geared up towards the higher grades again! She is beautifully schooled and only a pleasure to ride.
Here is the owner of Tzaneen Equestrian Centre,the lovely Ilse on the left,she is 6 months pregnant and can't wait for baby to pop out so she can ride again!! Equine Dentist, Wayne Dale and my groom George,who came with to look after Ana while I worked.

Anabar Reef thinking she is at a show!

...Say, Aaa for uncle Wayne..!
The stables are to die for! So lovely and spacious.

George took Ana to show her around the arena.
I hope he was telling her not to dump the Missus at this jump...
Then the donkey in the background started braying...Ana has never heard a donkey bray...

 ...and right in front of me, Ana morphed into a giraffe!

The facilities and equipment at this yard is just absolutely fantastic!

 Ana having gotten over the donkey and asking George to tell her the order of jumps for the course...

I am sure George said something like" hau, the Missus she has never jumped such big jumps at home!"

                                                                               The End


  1. Thanks for the update! It's been awhile! Love your new ponies and your jumper looks gorgeous. Yes, that is quite a facility...are you really going to jump that high? Keep us in the loop!

  2. Do be careful!!! So good to hear from you again!

  3. It is many years since I have been on a show jumper, I am jealous and good luck. Love the foal. Have a good week. Diane


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