Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sometimes Your Children Makes You Worry..

My youngest daughter studied  for a year....then decided that she didn't like what she was she changed courses doing something that she loves and enjoys with all her heart. This is her life now.

                                                               A close study of grasses and leaves....

Ya think!

You wanna do WHAT with me??


Time for a ride boy..


Its pictures like this that makes me worry about my daughter sometimes...


What God fearing person looks like that when fast asleep I ask you!!


He is going to wake up,watch it!

..Mmm more surprises in store for Mr Lion,he sure is going to love you guys.

Charl preparing some medication...

Charl would go one further and pick up the sleeping lion's head..

..and because game capturing is very hot and tiring work,one has to drop in for a swim every now and again...

The End



  1. I like her new course. She needs to go with her heart. The old saying is that if you work at something you love you'll never work a day in your life. I thought about studying to be a wildlife biologist when I was young but for various reasons don't...still wish that I would have.

    1. Hey Joe,its good to know she is loving every moment of her life...xx

  2. wow! bless her for finding and following her passion!

    1. Hey Teresa,I know you are very well,I was just like"thank God She is having the time of her life"...How are the dogs? B.T.W ?

  3. I love that she found the right thing for her to devote her life to. And it is so good to see you again. It has been a while.

  4. Dearest Inger,thank you so much for dropping by...the VERY slow internet connection is to


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