Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Bathroom Makeover Pics

Basin in bathroom with slipper bath.

This is the ladies' bathroom.

It's feminine.

There is loads of bubble bath and bath salts.

Body and hand lotions.

body and hand soaps.

There is also pearl necklaces and bracelets draped on the granite basin top

I made sure that men would NOT feel comfortable there...

Because they are not welcome there.....

Men use the shower bathroom...

They know they are welcome there...


Basin in bathroom with shower.

The pebble listelli and basin gives it a bit of a Zen feel...

The tiles in both bathrooms are the same waterproof porcelain and looks like wood,it creates a feeling of being somewhere in the bush,where giant matumi trees,ferns,rocks,waterfalls and pebbles are in on our farm!!

I still LOVE it!

The End


  1. Beautiful - I love it!

    I'd even feel welcome in the non-mens' bathroom too ... :)

  2. He he,thank you! My husband makes himself at home in the slipper bath often enough! I guess men like to get in touch with their feminine side from time to time...

  3. Gorgeous bathroom! Happy New Year to you, Liesl! Haven't been around for a while. We are back living in Zim. We moved back in Aug from UK and are happily settling in and very happy to be back on African soil! Will update my blog soon. Only recently sorted out internet access. All the best to you!

  4. What a great job you have done! Lovely and peaceful looking


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