Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vegetable Garden

Yesterday I went to pick some peas from the garden. All the veggies are coming along nicely and I took some fun pictures . I have never grown peas before and didn't  expect them to have such lovely little flowers. I picked and smelled and looked and dreamed for quite a while before realising I had left my phone in the house and had to run and get it as I was expecting an important call. Minki got locked into the garden and was very miffed at me as I got back...I teased her and took some pics of her from the other side of the fence...she'd plonked herself down like that on the side of a spring onion bed looking a little bit forlorn and somewhat  cross...

At first she was trying her best to ignore me,but soon got over her little tantrum!

You KNOW I love you Minki!

Sweetcorn and Broccoli

Broccoli should be ready to harvest in 2 weeks or so....

I have used NO insecticides or fertilizer of any kind on these plants!

Just a bit of horse manure when we started the garden.

Sweetcorn tops...

My idea of petites poi's....

I like whole young peas served with a good rib eye steak..

Mango tree stump serving as a table...

The welshies came along to ask for some greens...

Pea flowers...

Spring onions also almost ready...

Tomatoes playing  peek - a - boo

Oh,to taste my own sun ripened-on-the-vine tomatoes again!

The End


  1. I love the pea flowers, they look like sweet peas, one of my favorite flowers and I guess must be related. And what a fabulous garden you have created, so rich, green, and thriving. Congrats, I know it is a lot of work.

  2. we have wildflowers here that are called 'sweet peas' because their flower is just like a pea bloom. so pretty. glad your garden is doing so well! minki, you're adorable.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful. Mine is winding down, getting ready for the fall and winter.

  4. NOTHING like fresh tomatoes! Best of luck for a good harvest! It does look good so far. I do like that tree stump table.

  5. Oh for spring as we sadly head for autumn. I wish I could afford 6 months in Africa and 6 months in France, it would be perfect and I would always have fresh vegetables, Great photos. Have a good week Diane.


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