Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spring Rains!

We have been enjoying sweet,soft rains for the past two nights and days non-stop..bliss!! Always a relief to know the dusty season is over and "dusted" with. So,today,

We don't plan on doing anything much....

I brushed my teeth with 2 cups of coffee,hair looking like a porcupine and only got dressed at 9:00am!

I plan to just waddle about, doing some house chores to the sound of Abba,John Denver,French Cafe music 

and some Irish melodies off course!!!

A glimpse of the wet veggie patch.

We ate our first Chinese cabbage last night!

The sweetcorn are forming cobs and the  peas are flowering.

The Welshies are making good use of their shed..

I have a ton of peppers to freeze...

any ideas there..

sauces etc...

Then I have to bake something,

cake or pudding for the sweet tooth's in the family?

The End


  1. sounds like a good inside day! i like minki's idea best.

  2. You must be very happy to have some rain especially light rain. I know what it is like at the end of the dry season. Your garden is fantastic but then I have to remember that you never really get a winter there, my ideal weather pattern :-)
    I am sure if you check on the internet that there are many ways of bottling and using peppers. I have to admit that if I have space I just chuck them in the freezer as they are, but now I have not got the room :-( Enjoy spring while we do not really look forward to winter though autumn is passable!! Diane

  3. I would love all those red peppers!!! Here's what I do with lots of peppers:



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