Thursday, May 31, 2012

European Wild Boar Delivery In Nelspruit

On Saturday Cules,Minki and I travelled to Nelspruit in Mmpumalanga to deliver some young wild boars we sold to a guy there. We offered to deliver them as I was keen to visit some old school friends of mine living there. Our 25 year matric reunion is coming up in July,we have never had a reunion of any kind so many of us will be seeing each other for the first time in 25 years!!! The Class of '87 sure has a LOT of catching up to do which is why this event is taking place over THREE days!! The old hometown is never going to know what has hit it....Back to this weekend past,I also met up with a girlfriend I last saw 30 years ago when they moved away to we walked up to each other we each said "You look just like your Mother!" simultaneously and burst into tears of joy and clung onto each other laughing and crying until we caught the rather worried looks on our husband's faces....I have never before talked non stop for three hours and then it was time to go and her husband assured me that I mustn't dye my hair for the Reunion, as I wouldn't look like my Mom anymore then....Back to the pigs, catching them was quite a mission,to say the least.... boy,did we have fun,I got charged and every time we caught a screaming youngster we were charged again..,10 times over, as that was how many we had to deliver...One thing I do know for sure,grey hair or not, is that I am rather good at sprinting and jumping on to the back of our truck now,in fact,I know I can probably still outrun anyone on the farm at age 42 with an angry wild boar on my heels as motivation....except for Jess, maybe...!

Cules and the boars' new owner looking at his piggery...

"This is our new home??"

"You get off first!"

"No,you go first!"

"Look at all those pigs..they are kinda scary!"

"Ohhh,lets go!!"

"Wait,I changed my mind...I want to go back to my old home....!"

Too late !

Welcome to Nelspruit!

The End


  1. Hope the piggies enjoy Nelspruit! We have them all around us and the shooting season is always busy!! Glad you can run that fast, I would never be able to get out of the way, not even in my school days was I any good at running!!! Take care Diane

  2. Hi Diane,I also never thought myself much of an athlete...a grunting,charging boar is enough to give you wings!!!!

  3. too cute, they are! i'd hate to face down a mama pig, though! yikes! i laughed at your 'you look just like your mother!' story. :)

  4. A lovely little story. It's so nice to run into old friends with whom we can just "talk and talk", lol Have fun at your reunion.

  5. LOL! Too funny about both saying 'you look like your mother'! I hope nobody says that to me at a reunion!! lol
    I don't know how you can even pronounce those words/places, let alone spell them!
    I love your sense of humour Liesl! It comes out in your writing!
    Those piglets will keep you in shape!

  6. Hope the piggies enjoy their new home!

  7. oh and that looks like fun too ! Hope the little pigs will find themselves at home :-)


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