Sunday, April 29, 2012

Name That Movie

Ok,so both our tv's decided to conk in the day before yesterday and we have just arrived home with a 47 inch beast of a LCD thingey and we are lying low watching movies...

"We'll probably get our asses kicked but at least we will go down swinging..."
Name that movie....


  1. hmmm. sounds familiar but i don't know.

    and congrats on the big screen! :)

  2. well, I looked it up, but that's cheating, so I won't tell. I haven't seen the movie. I will have to check it out : ) Congrats on the big screen!

  3. Thanx Michaele,no cheating man,send one of the girls to go get the DVD!!! It's different but hillarious....

  4. Can't remember the last movie we saw, probably ET so I would have no idea!!!!

  5. I have no idea what movie it was. I am way behind in my movie watching, like, about 30 years. I hope that it was actually your tv's. I had three. When one wouldn't work but the other two were fine, I went out last month and bought a new one, not as big as yours, but big compared to what I was used to. I got it hooked up and it wouldn't work either. Long story short, it wasn't my tv, it wasn't my cable box, it was the cable company's outside lines. Sigh, so now I have four working tvs.

  6. No clue! Your new TV sounds good you need a popcorn maker and you are all set!


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