Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lady In Red And An Ode To The Donkey

While driving through the city of Polokwane a couple of weeks ago,we found ourselves having to drive through the  city centre ...a place we ALWAYS avoid,but Jessica had to be at UNISA to enroll for another course she is taking....I remembered the statue of a donkey that has been there forever as an ode to the humble,hard working  donkey...We went round and round that Plaza at least three times that day and I never once could get a decent pic of it as there is just no-where to park in that area..ever..,it is crowded and busy with taxis speeding by non-stop and Cules made every ones day by passing by the donkey as slowly as he could possibly go....While going through the photos later on,I was thinking how absolutely funny the one pic actually was...


My first try...

Can you spot what I was trying to capture on camera??

That darned Colonel is absolutely everywhere!!!

Hallo boytjie!!!

If only that donkey could talk.....

It actually looks like he was thinking of kicking that lady here...

Look at that zoomed in ear and the raised leg....

OK,both ears are floppy and he is only resting that leg closest to the Lady In Red...

Good boy....

The End


  1. I am glad that you found your blog again :) Love the last picture, yep that kick is definitely on his mind Ha ha. Diane

  2. he does look quite perturbed in that last shot. :)

  3. I think they need a very happy donkey statue!

  4. I love the last photo, it certainly looked like that donkey thought he was a bull.

  5. Donkeys are one of my most favorite animals and it was great to see one being honored like that. The last photo was funny, he looked like he was going to get her.

  6. Funny having a donkey in front of a KFC.

  7. Love that bronze statue! You could always set up a web cam to it and watch from home!! lol
    That looks like a bust city!


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