Monday, March 5, 2012

My Week Past

Last week was rather busy and over and out almost before I knew it. The baling season is getting  underway and so Cules is having to start buying some new implements..first off was a brand new rake and a teeny weeny little tractor....

Sweet old Tosca is like me..,

 a racy little red tractor makes her want to sing it out loud baby!!

Minki had to check out the seat for comfort.....

Oh yum,we are  going for a spin Maaaa!

On the day he went to take delivery of the rake he promptly took it apart ,

only to reassemble it again...

Ok old man,lets do this...

Whoops,we have to take of the plastic!

His first job for the week was in the beautiful,historical Ofcolaco area that still oozes Old Colonial style Africa!

Here roamed wild lions in the not too distant past...

Now they are being purposely bred in this area on Game Farms!

The old baler waiting for it's tractor.

Those two aeroplanes returning from the airshow crashed into those mountains to the right hand side of the picture last year...

See how ominous and low those clouds are on the mountains even on a sunny day.

Minki had lots of fun exploring...

Then, on Sunday(Yesterday) morning,this visitor dropped by for breakfast!

He sat for ages in this tree above the front patio and refused to budge.

I got the idea it was a young hawk..because it showed no fear of humans or dogs.

He said he heard the Peking Duck was divine in this joint....

The End


  1. congrats on the new tractor and rake! love the pinwheels on those hay rakes, but i'd be all excited about that little tractor! tosca is too cute!

  2. Love getting new things:)
    Like the singing puppy;))

  3. Why is it man want to take things apart and out them together again just for the hell of it. I have friend,who as a small child, was given his first bicycle as a present. His parents returned from a shopping trip only to find it in pieces all over the lawn!! It was put back together perfectly and he still does the same thing in his old age!! Love your singing dog LOL. DCiane

  4. Yes I think that is a man thing to take things apart just to put them back together again. I don't understand it myself.
    Love your lovely red tractor.

  5. I adore the new, red tractor and I think I need one. I also love those views! Just gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful new tractor. Small but tough enough I bet. I was glad to see Cules put some shoes on before actually doing work : ) Yes, that is something to howl about.

  7. Great post. I enjoyed browsing your blog

  8. Love the singing Tosca shot and the landscapes photos are reminiscent of one's from the old Out of Africa movie. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  9. LOL! You are so funny Liesl!
    And look at those boys with their toys!

  10. I'm like Tosca when I get a new toy ;).


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