Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letaba River Farmer's Day 2012

I can't believe time has flown by so quickly and before I knew it, I heard the words "Farmer's Day" again. This year the girls and Cules and I just went along to see the sights and catch up on every body's news!

This monster was the highlight of the morning and made the word "chipper" seem insignificant..

They fed whole trees into that thing and it munched them up like no body's business!

Cules and I called for refreshments quite soon after arriving there...

The auction opened with a cockerel being auctioned up for the Old Age Home here in Tzaneen and it fetched a whopping R5700!

The most expensive chicken I've ever known!

This young Brahma bull kept measuring the height of the corral fence with his nose,so we all kept our distance...he was sold pretty quickly before he could jump out!

There was an impressive display of acrobatic planes.....

These guys dropped by for a beer.......

They had a baby with them so their requests were ignored......

Tarien and Jess had a great time and danced the night away....

Imagine the whiplash a short person like me could get from having a very long conversation with someone this tall!!

This tall guy is a friend of the girls and is a metal artist,he does the most incredible statues etc...

Later that night he asked me for a dance and I told him I can't dance and anyways I wasn't going to embarrass myself trying to dance with such a tall young man!

To which he answered "no problem auntie," and scooped me up and carried me around the dance floor dancing away...(blush,blush) people were taking pictures of the spectacle on their cell phones and  I don't want to appear in public again for the next ten years.....!

I shall just hide away on the farm....

Entertainment was provided by  this really cool band called  "The Storyteller" and boy,did they bring the house down!

Jess,in the white shirt twirling away on the dance floor.

Tarien and Cules having a great time, barefoot and all and who cares...!

The End


  1. Oh what fun you short people have lol seriously though you look about 3 feet tall in that photo. I smiled the whole way through this post : )

  2. oh, what fun! reminds me of dances in my youth with the farmer boys... LOVE that gorgeous bull!

  3. Wow that cockerel was expensive but if is for a good cause.... Looks like a magical day out, I only wish it was warm enough for me to go barefoot here, but not yet. I hate shoes!!! Keep well Diane

  4. Looks like a fun day was had by all. That is a tall young lad there - is that you standing beside him, you look so small next to him.

  5. Looks like a great day and time for you all...the girls are so beautiful! Loved that big bull and rooster! (My blog is going private, if you care to follow, come and leave me your email.) :D

  6. I want to come to the next one! This looks like so much fun!

  7. Hello!
    What a wonderful post! You have a great blog! These photos, wow...that bull would have scared me!

  8. What fun!
    The girls are so pretty.

  9. Oh what a great time!! Loved all the pictures and that fella is sure tall!!!

  10. Hi there! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your great pictures. I live in Michigan (US) so, it's fun to think of our great big world! I am sharing some 'blog love' with you in the form of an award! Check it out!

    1. Hi Tracy,I love modern technology...,great meeting all these new friends out there! Thank you so much for the award...,much appreciated xoxo


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