Tuesday, January 17, 2012

White-faced Whistling Ducks

The past couple of days have been unseasonably windy here. The other day I took Minki for a walk on the farm to some of the places I have not visited in a while....and what do you know,...the pond on the North-Western side of the house seemed to have become a nursery room for two White-faced Ducks and their broods! They are extremely wary and I didn't want to make them feel threatened in any way so I took a quick couple of photographs of them swimming among the lilies and retreated before Minki became curious too.These are truly beautiful birds and I hope the rock monitors and snakes leave well alone! I think there are about fifteen or so ducklings.

This is the first time they have nested here in our fourteen years on the farm!

"Minki! Keep still you!"

Look at that load of babies!

Right behind the Mama duck,if you can just peek through the branches!

A better shot of the big brood,just look at that!

Aren't those lilies just gorgeous, they smell so nice..but a schlep to pick unless you want to go in the water with the monitors,catfish and phytons hiding in there!

When we expect important guests I bribe one of the labourers with a packet of cigarettes to go get me some!

It works every time!!

I thought it would be fun to post some Valentine related pics from Mother Nature and so 
I have  been keeping a look out for Nature's own little Valentine themed produce.  On that day got a very nice heart shaped something which I will post a pic of on Valentines Day!
Another reason for lots more fun walks in the bush for Minki and I during the next couple of weeks!
Are YOU going to join us on this little Valentines Venture????



  1. saw the little ones behind momma, but it took a bit! these ducks look like cousins to our black-bellied whistling ducks that come here in summertime (and sometimes nest on our pond). hope your ducklings survive!

    we've had a mild winter here, too. have had a few freezes and frosts, but no snow or ice yet.

  2. What a perfect pond for ducks! Love it! :D

  3. The lilies look beautiful too.


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