Thursday, January 19, 2012

International Rock Group Has Narrow Escape In Private Lodge Near Kruger!

Internasionale rockgroep vertel van wildtuin-drama

2012-01-19 22:25I got this article from a local newspaper,Die Beeld, this morning.Google translater doesn't make any sense so I translated the article as I couldn't find it in English.

Die internasionale rockgroep Kongos het gister ’n noue ontkoming gehad toe hulle van die vloedwaters by Klaserie gered is. Links staan Dylan, Jessy, Danny en Johnny. Foto: Cornél Van Heerden
An International Rock Group has experienced an African adventure yesterday when the flood waters chased them out of the Lodge at Klaserie, where they had been staying, on the western border of Kruger National Park.

The four Kongos brothers are in the middle of their South African tour.

Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Danny are the children of  John Kongos, who achieved local success in the  1960’s with the group "Johnny and the G-Men " and  as solo artist.

The brothers,now named "The Kongos",grew up in South Africa and later moved to England so that John could further his musical career.

“When I think back now,ten minutes meant the difference between life and death," said Johnny,the oldest brother.

“A worker at the lodge woke us up at 7:00 and told us we had better get out of there seeing as the other Lodge were under water already",said Dylan.

“I looked out the window,the previous night you couldn't even see the little river through the trees. 

“I got a fright when I saw how terribly close the water was." 

“We flew out of bed and was inside the Land Rovers and cars outside minutes later. In those few minutes the water levels rose terrifyingly fast and parts of the Lodge were already under water."

The group,together with friends of theirs,then tried to reach a nearby Lodge that was situated a little higher in Land Rovers and other vehicles.One of the vehicles hit a stone and had to be left behind.

“We had to search for a way through,so high did the water levels rise in the streams and riverbeds, it was crazy ” said Jesse.

Eventually the group was flown to the  O.R. Tambo-airport in Kempton Park by a military helicopter.

“The pilot said that by that stage he  had already airlifted 80 people to safety” said Dylan.

“With us in the helicopter was a family who had only hunting rifles and cell phones with them,that was all they could save,it was rough." 

A couple of dramatic pictures of some of yesterdays rescues,also published in "Die Beeld" this morning.

This man tied himself to the tree while waiting for the helicopter to come pick him up!

                                              Police man calling him over to strap him up and airlift him...

Up,up and away,safe at last!

The Blyde River Adventure camp being swept away,apparently only a part of one of those buildings are still standing...

This is the Swadini Dam wall that was feared to be cracked at one stage! The dam was 118% full the day before yesterday and they have now opened up the sluices..

This poor lady had her child strapped to her back when she was saved from the river!
Just terrible..

"We made it!!"

Shocked,frightened,but safe...

Thank you to all these brave policeman and rescue service people for doing what you do!!

The End


  1. Incredible. Powerful. Awful. How wonderful that the mother and child were saved. Praying that lives will be saved.

  2. Very powerful pictures - such a scary thing to go through. Well done to all the brave rescuers.

  3. The water looks so powerful. I can't imagine all that has been lost.

  4. the last 2 photos made me cry. such terror. i don't know how you ever shake that feeling.

  5. Oh Wow. Water can be so beautiful, but God help us when it is angry.
    Sounds like the rescuers are doing a fantastic job. Diane

  6. Glad to see that these folks were rescued. Floods can be so dangerous.

  7. This is just horrible and those pictures really tell how scary it is. I hope you will stay safe and that this rain will stop soon.

  8. Hi Liesl .. really terrifying - we forget how strong and powerful water is .. glad you seem to be ok ..

    Thanks for showing us .. glad that chap was safely plucked from his tree trunk place - he looks so sanguine!

    That woman and her child must be so relieved ..

    All the best to everyone .. Hilary

  9. Would so scary to experience that. Im glad they were able to save as many as they did.



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