Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Update And Snippets Of Our Adventures From Our Side Of The World.

Hallo all,been too long since I last posted but here's a peep as to what we have been up to lately!

Two Welsh B part bred foals that I have just weaned...


Cules, Minki and I went visiting the 2000 year old Baobab tree near Rubbervale train station one Sunday morning and had loads of fun there..

The tree is so big 5 grown men can go inside quite easily...It is completely hollow inside!


We started revamping our kitchen using Matumi wood from a tree that had died about 60 years ago on our farm!


Graffiti scribbled on the inside of the Baobab tree .

Spraying on the resin/varnish mix on the kitchen tops...


The piece of wood that had to be cut out where the kitchen sink went in was made into a butchers block by Cules!


Thoroughbred broodmares being checked over and dipped...


Minki making it clear she will not be left behind when we started climbing up the old Baobab tree!


On a friend's Game Farm....This Hippo made his way back to this dam after being swept away by the floods earlier this year!


Feeding one of the Rhino bulls...


Minki and Cules VERY high up in the Baobab tree...I was so scared she would wriggle herself out of Cules' grip as she smelled the vervet monkeys close by!


All three of us up in the Baobab tree....these are the things we get up to on a Sunday morning!!

Ok,ok,I will admit my knees were shaking and my teeth were chattering from fear!



Feeding the Sable youngsters..


Cules starting the fire at my youngest daughter's house on their Game Farm..

Eldest sister is in Canada at the moment for another 5 months!


We had a lovely time last night, visiting our daughter Jessica at their lovely home in the African bush...

All the girls are Scottish Veterinary students doing their Practical with the vets on the Game Farm.

The one holding her head is my Jess!


Students collaring an elephant bull in the Selati...

Abandoned old station house at Rubbervale train station....


Another pic of the elephant bull being collared,Cules stole three tail hairs for me!! I am sure the bull doesn't miss them though...Elephants do have a very long memory!


A lovely old wood burning stove I chanced upon and bought seeing as it is winter here!

I have always wanted one and found this one just across the road from us at our next door neighbour.

The End


  1. Thanks for the update. I do hope you will post pictures of your new kitchen...that wood is gorgeous.

  2. Yes, yes! Pictures of the kitchen! -- so good to hear from you.

  3. Good to hear from you! Looks like life is going well at your end of the world.

  4. I love the pictures you post - sending a 'hello' all the way from Michigan in the US !!

  5. really love the wood for the counter tops! breeding welsh ponies! nice! and good to see minki still doing well and being spoiled as ever!


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