Sunday, April 7, 2013

We Have Been Invaded By Welsh Aliens!!

Did anyone wonder why I have been so quiet lately?? Well,I sure hope some of you missed me a bit!! They have finally arrived,a whole truckfull of them...What??? ask??  Remember last year I aquired my first two Welsh sec B mares and a young colt? Well, my plan was to build my stud up to ten of the best pure bred mares I could possibly find (afford), and seeing as these ponies don't come very cheap,I thought it would take me a couple of years sourcing them...BUT...I have been extremely blessed to have found myself  a couple of VERY valuable mares after spending way too much time and energy on the internet and telephone researching bloodlines etc. Then...last week Thursday,it was time...I decided to let a horse transporter bring all the ponies for us from Johannesburg. One breeder sent along a surprise for
 me..She will not be breeding pure bred sec B's anymore and told me about this superb young colt she didn't want to geld. He is by an imported stallion, Waxwing Talisman (Sec A) and a little on the small side. She knew I was more concerned with concentrating on my base stock of pure breds than breeding up to height ponies. In South Africa the height limit for Sec B's is 13.2hh.He is a registered Sec B and so I totally trusted her opinion of him and bought him sight unseen... He is picture perfect,the most magnificent pony I have ever laid eyes on!! He has a most animated trot that is too beautiful too describe.He has the "Look of Eagles" in his eyes and that special X Factor....the jaw drop thingy... He will be trained to harness and hopefully become a well known figure locally trotting his way through the orange orchards...

My heart skipped a whole lot of beats as the horse transporter opened up the ramp for us,and I saw this...Look at the joy on Cules' face!!

Well,hallo there...Vintage Vanilla Sky....

The Second most important mare I bought is by Pendock Foresight (imported from the UK) .

Sadly,he passed away at the age of 33 peacefully at his home in Kwa-Zulu-Natal last month.

R.I.P beautiful Pendock Foresight.

This is possibly the best part bred daughter he ever had. Rowan Yours Truly. She is a Part Bred as her Dam was a Thoroughbred.

She is a legend in the South African Showing world and has a list of winnings as long as my arm!

She forms a very,very important part in my plans for the future foundation of my Part bred programme...

Then,during my search for mares,I found Galway Emerald Pippet. The last remaining pure bred daughter In the world!!!..... (as far as we could establish) of another imported stallion called Rotherwood Pirate King,who is a direct son of the infamous Keston Royal Occasion,described as being the most influential stallion for the breed world wide!! Her dam was also a multichampion mare in England and exported to South Africa. After one phone call,she was mine! I plan to freeze embryos from this mare. Anyone want to buy some embryos??

Rotherwood Pirate King (UK Import)

Skellorn Aderyn Du (Imported from the UK)

Dam of Galway Emerald Pippit while she was still in England.

I also have four more pure bred mares to fetch in the Cape and then I have achieved my objective of about 10 pure bred mares,a few part breds and two stallions from totally different bloodlines. Most of my mares is by imported stock and out of proven champions and champions themselves,so lets hope this is the start of many good things to come!

Here's to Stonecroft Welsh Sec B stud !!




  1. the beginning! :)

    congrats on your new stock and new breeding ventures!

  2. Best wishes for breeding success!!!!!!!!!

  3. It's not The's the beginning. What an exciting new adventure! Can't wait to see more photos.

  4. Great post and I would love to be invaded by the Welsh :-) You are very lucky. Have a good week, Diane

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  6. Wow! You can't go wrong here! I am very happy for you!!


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