Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valiant Princess Still Bravely Battling On.

Just a short note to say a big THANK YOU! to everybody for all your prayers out there. Pinkie's temp dropped to 39.1 oC this morning. Her eyes are still swollen and her appetite is slightly down, but she did squeel at me as I rubbed her stomach this morning..good job girl! I had the more hits on yesterdays post, than I ever had on any other post...lots of people Googling AHS at this time of year perhaps? Whatever the case I know a lot of prayers went out for her and I am so thankful. Today is day 6 of her battle..,hopefully she will get over this soon now. I am totally exhausted by all this worrying,lord knows how Pinkie must feel! We are not out of the woods yet by a long shot as anything can still happen,but I am being as positive as I can under these circumstances...

The End


  1. More HEAL HEAL HEAL from the Chaos House. You have to be completely wiped out.

  2. glad she's taken a turn for the better! continued health wishes for her!

  3. I do pray your horse can recover soon poor thing. God please heal and strengthen Pinkie and give her relief and comfort for she needs your help. Give her owner comfort also. I ask in Jesus' name, Amen.

  4. Hi there, my family bred Valiant Princess, and I came across this blog per chance. Would love to know whether she survived and if so how she is doing? Also do you have her mother, Pen-Y-Bryn Crystal Dawn (we knew her as Penny)? Would love to get any information you have. Please email me on thanks so much in advance. Best, Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth,yes she has fully recovered and is doing just fine! In the post after this one I wrote about her recovery. So good to hear from you will mail you ASAP!


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