Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hi all!.Yes, I have been taking one of my infamous Internet breaks and now it seems all my Picasa space for pictures have been used up. I am busy figuring out how to safely buy more space without getting my banking account hacked into....I tried last night and this morning got an e-mail saying someone used the wrong password trying to get access to my account THREE times...!! Oops...  I am working on it you all. We are all well and kicking and I have lots of stories and pictures to share.I shall be visiting all my favourite blogs again today and glad to be back... 




  1. oh, that's no fun! (the bank hacking part!)

  2. You know, if you have a look at what you have stored in your PicasaWeb space, you may find you have duplicate or even triplicate photos there from changing your mind about which pictures to upload. They don't automatically get deleted. I was amazed at the number I had, and deleting them made a huge difference.

    Go to when you are logged into your blog account and have a look.

    I have about 2000 pictures and only used 1% of space so the other thing you could look at would be the size of your photos. You can reduce the size and resolution and nobody would notice.

    Worth a try before you fork out any money.

  3. Thank you for that Sheila,I read somewhere today that you should right click on the photo (in Picasa) and click "remove" and not "delete" but I could find no "remove" button...If I deleted photos that I used in my blog would they then disappear from my blog??? Any help would be much appreciated!!

  4. I have so many photos I have been buying more space for years. No problems so far.

  5. I have masses of photos on my blog but I keep them small and so far no problems. Guess it will catch up with me eventually! Keep well Diane

  6. Bloggers can run out of picture space? Who knew! Hope to "see" more of you soon.

  7. Hey Michaele,apparently yes...see my previous post,I deleted some pics to make space for more and the pictures disappeared from my posts!! I am very scared of buying more space as the whole thing looked very much like a spam to me as so many other bloggers happened about the same trouble at the same time...I will put a teeny weeny bit of money in another account and start up again...! xoxo


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