Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trompie Learns To Wear A Harness

Jess and I decided it would be a good idea to teach Trompie to wear a harness for when he has to visit the vet. It is not the intention that he should be like a dog on a leash,just a way of constraining him when necessary while he is still small enough to be handled...a fully grown 90kg male warthog is Not going to be led about when he doesn't want to...and no-one I know is going to try to do so...! So..while we can imprint some things on him we are going to do just that.....

The first time he got to wear the harness he:

Tried to rub it off....

Tried to crawl out of it...

Begged on his knees to get us to take it off..

Tried to run clear out of it...

Tried to intimidate the camera man (Lady) with mane and tail wildly erect, and force her into taking it off!

And finally,in a tiff...,accepted it...

He now wears his harness for half an hour each day and has grown accustomed to it and never tries to get it off anymore....

Tarien and Jess even goes for short walks on a leash with him every other day and he is quite happy to be led around and has caught on as to what is expected of him when he is put on a leash....

"What???"Do you want me to go walkies again?"

The End


  1. I think I would try to take that harness off too.

  2. It amazes me how quick (most) animals learn what is expected of them. They really are intelligent. Diane

  3. That harness looks GREAT on him!

  4. Oh my goodness, he is so cute!

  5. He is darling! My daughter and I always enjoying seeing pictures of him.

  6. Don't feel bad Trompie. I did the same thing with my first training bra. lol

    1. ROFTML! You are so funny Michaele!

  7. Oh Liesl...your posts make me laugh! The pic of him trying to crawl out of the harness made me laugh out loud! What a cute little pig! ;D

  8. He's grown so since I last saw him. I can't even imagine him at 90 lbs. What a great experience for your daughter.

  9. Wow! When he is 90lbs that erect main and tail will make you think twice.

  10. WHo would have thought that this little fella would be so adaptable?! What a character he is!

  11. He's just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Especially with his purple harness :)


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