Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Bayview Villa St Francis Bay Eastern Cape

 Well hallo friends. This is my first post in a very long time and certainly the first since moving to my new life in the Eastern Cape in the little Village of St Francis Bay.

I sold my farm in September and flew down to St Francis Bay in October to view the house I saw on the Internet and bought it on the spot. I liked that the main bedroom is upstairs with a balcony where I can watch the whales,dolphins and orca play in the bay below. I can actually hear the dolphins blow and jump in the sea below me.  A bit different from the bush and elephants,rhino and bet..but what a fabulous change. 

I took 4 months off and just explored my new surroundings and bought beds and lounge furniture,bedding etc for my new house. This place is so spiritual it is unbelievable. Walks on the beach, by the river mouth ,the rocky harbour to harbour trial and the sand dunes at Shark Point. We have a lighthouse nearby too.

The weather is completely different here and I love lying in bed at night and listen to the easterly wind howling around the house. I love seeing rain on a fairly regular basis.  I love the fact that even in December I have never been so hot that I worked up a sweat.

I named the house Bayview Villa and rent it out to people on holiday fom time to time.

I also started a small business cleaning houses and gardening...this is still in the very early stages but I love it.

So there you have a little update on what has been happening in my life. Oh, and Mini loves it here too..she adores her walks on the beaches.


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